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Press Release

Key Collector Comics, the free mobile app focused exclusively on helping collectors identify valuable comics has named Jesse James of Jesse James Comics their retail partner to meet the app user’s demand for highly collectible issues.

The “Key Collector Comics Box Set” is the debut offering from Key Collector Comics and Jesse James. For each box set purchased at $24.99 (free shipping), buyers will be sent five key issues guaranteed to be listed in the app.  Examples of a key issue are first appearances, origin stories, premiere issues, character deaths, notable artist or writer debuts, iconic covers and more. Every set purchased promises no duplicates and complete customer satisfaction.

“99% of the collector community are looking to own 1% of what is identified on Key Collector Comics as Key Issues,” said Nick Coglianese, owner of Key Collector Comics. “With digital comics, graphic novels and movies, adventuring with your favorite hero is very accessible but nothing can replace curating the finite and fragile, original articles of our American mythology that are comic books.” 

The partnership formed after Jesse James realized the potential that the app has in encouraging many who are interested in comic books to become dedicated collectors.

“Key Collector Comics gives people of any experience level the ability to know what they are buying and selling,” said Jesse James, Director of Sales and Purchasing for Key Collector Comics. “I want people to be informed about what they have and what they want because a happy, informed collector enjoys the hobby for a lifetime.”

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