20th Century Fox Film CEO Warns Against Too Many 'Caped Crusaders' Movies

Avengers: Infinity War
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Twentieth Century Fox's Chairman/CEO Stacy Snider has warned fellow studio heads that movies "can't just be based on caped crusaders," according to Variety. Snider spoke out about the state of the film industry during CineEurope, a European film exhibitors conference which took place over the weekend in Barcelona, Spain.

“The studios need to have a bigger appetite for big cinematic, tentpole-type entertainment that isn’t necessarily based on branded material,” said Snider. “When you think about The Greatest Showman… what we had to hang onto was that the music was incredible and that, if ever there was a person to be The Greatest Showman at Christmastime, it was Hugh Jackman. The same with The Martian - it was based on a book that was self-published. It was hardly a bestseller.”

Credit: Marvel Studios

Snider reportedly said that as the film industry becomes more globalized and universal, its movies "can't just be based on caped crusaders" and should continue to do films for "the non-event-film goer."

"If we don’t continue to reach out to the folks that come more than just to see The Avengers, we are going to have just the weekend business," Snider said.

“For the studios that expect that more of the same will always bring a result, there is folly in that. We want to continue, for example, with our X-Men movies and our Deadpool movies, but at the same time we have great success with a movie like Murder on the Orient Express or The Greatest Showman, where we are very mindful of speaking to this global audience, but not doing it in a way that in the past has homogenized all of the product,” Snider said. “Where things fall off the cliff is when that bright consumer says, ‘I have seen this movie.’”

Snider points to more diversity and local perspectives in major films as a key attribute to their success.

“There are plenty of examples out there that signal that including diversity and including a local perspective in these larger movies is great business,” said Snider. “When you look at a movie like Black Panther or Coco, or in the case of Deadpool – it is led by Ryan Reynolds, an American Caucasian, but we have a diverse cast that surrounds him – I would venture to say that Zazie Beetz is as popular in the film as he is. We are mindful that these big franchise films need to be original, need to respond to local cultures, and local diverse casts.”

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