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Credit: Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion (DC Comics)
Credit: Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez (DC Comics)

Trying to hype his new Justice League Dark book which debuts July 25, writer James Tynion IV took part in a Reddit AMA and revealed a few characters he's planning to highlight in the book.

Credit: Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez (DC Comics)

After sharing artwork that featured expected characters like Klarion the Witch Boy, Zatanna, and Wonder Woman, Tynion revealed that DC's newest Doctor Fate - Khalid Nassour - will show up in Justice League Dark #2, and Blue Devil has a role in a future story arc.

Nassour, an Egyptian-American college student, was introduced in 2015 as the latest hero to wear the Doctor Fate mantle. The character is the grand-nephew of Kent Nelson, the original Doctor Fate, and is also a descendent of pharaohs of the past.

In the "Rebirth" DCU, Kent Nelson returned as Doctor Fate in Blue Beetle, but Nassour's inclusion in Justice League Dark appears to confirm his continued possession of the Doctor Fate mantle.

Credit: Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez (DC Comics)

Blue Devil was a featured part of Shadowpact before the "New 52," but the character was re-introduced with a slightly different continuity post-reboot. In this "New 52" origin, the character was a young man who inherited a horror film company called Graveyard Pictures, which was a cover for magical activity.

However, Blue Devil's original origin may be returning, because the current Doomsday Clock storyline has brushed up against his original continuity by prominently featuring a film that's produced by Verner Brothers Studios, the original Blue Devil's employer.

"I definitely have plans for Blue Devil down the line," Tynion said. "Not in the first arc, but I 100% know where he is in the context of the story we're telling."

Tynion also said Justice League Dark will feature the teams pursuing small-scale magical cases that are tied to a larger conflict. "Horror happens in the little moments, the personal moments, but the story we're telling is admittedly very big," Tynion said. "[It's] a story big enough to draw in everyone in the magical community, from Heaven to Hell to Myrra and Camelot."

Credit: Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez (DC Comics)
Credit: Alvaro Martinez/Raul Fernandez (DC Comics)

That mention of "horror" was repeated by Tynion more than once, and the writer emphasized the "scary" aspect of the book by revealing Alvaro Martinez's design of the new villain Upside Down Man.

"A big question I keep getting is why did I put Man-Bat on the team, and it's because I wanted a Mad Scientist in the group!" he said. "We've got monsters and magicians and drunk monkeys with swords, and the scariest damn villain I think the DC Universe has seen for a while. The Upside Down Man is coming."

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