DEFENDERS Season 2 'Not In The Plans Right Now' at MARVEL

Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television
Credit: Netflix/Marvel Television

Marvel Television's head Jeph Loeb has confirmed that they have no plans for a sequel to Defenders - also implying  that it's a decision Netflix made. In the course of a Reddit AMA Loeb took part in earlier on Thursday, he was asked about a potential second season.

"Not in the plans right now, but you never know!," Loeb answered.

In a similiar question, Loeb shared some more on Defenders being in competition with Marvel's solo shows on Netflix.

"We loved Defenders and so did our fans," Loeb said. "We'll see about doing it again - as you can guess it messes with the skeds on other shows - so do you want more Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones or another Defenders?"

Later on, Loeb was asked about how they determine how many seasons a Marvel show on Netflix will be - saying that Marvel would do as many as Netflix wants.

"That's a Neflix question. We'll take whatever they want!"

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