Something Big
Credit: Steve Ditko

The latest edition of Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder's longrunning series of anthologies continues with a new one called Something Big. Scheduled to be released September 2018, Something Big is now raising funds on Kickstarter - with less than $500 to go towards their $4,100 goal.

In an open letter published with the Kickstarter, Ditko explains his decision not to release any information about the contents of the new anthology but rather let his past work speak to the contents.

"Just between you and we, our next book is something special. You may have heard already but this one is… Something Big. Some of you will want further details," Ditko writes. "Away back when we did reveal plenty about the contents of our books: The names of the writer, artist, colorist and editor, the plot and theme of each story, the page length, any possible connection to an earlier or imminent story, the surprises in store for you, the reader. We then noticed that almost everyone was doing the same.

"This trend has expanded to include the reviews of television, the theatre and movies. Look to a channel guide for a one-sentence review of the upcoming film. Tune in to the beginning of the broadcast and see and hear the host who will reveal everything about the content of the film up to and including the name of the murderer in The Saint picture that is about to begin. (We do not exaggerate. This really happened on Turner about four years ago.) By reading, watching or listening to such commentary, one can grasp almost every detail of an upcoming artistic accomplishment. One need not attend the show, read the book or purchase the comic.

Konga #6
Konga #6
Credit: Steve Ditko

"We are in the business of creating, producing and publishing comic books that will amuse, entertain, educate, inform and surprise initially us and then, hopefully you, dear reader. "

Ditko confirms that Something Big will be a 48-page anthology with "perhaps the most colorful cover we have ever published." The lead feature will be a previously-published story of his that "has been out of print for too long."

Ditko doesn't relate what that reprint will be, but the art he uses for the Kickstarter - seen above - is a portion of Ditko's cover to Konga #6 from Charlton Comics. That story, however, was reprinted in 2013's Ditko Monsters: Konga! series from IDW Publishing.

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