ALISON BLAIRE Returns to the Stage with DAZZLER: X-SONG

"Dazzler: X-Song #1" preview
Credit: Lauren Braga/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Elizabeth Torque (Marvel Comics)

As Dazzler prepares to return to big X-Men stage as a member of Astonising X-Men in June, the musician/mutant is doing a warm-up concert in the form of this week's Dazzler: X-Song #1.

Kim & Kim writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Lauren Braga play stage managers/roadies for Dazzler in this outing, making a setlist as it were going with some classics - her musical origins - and more recent hits like her stints on X-Men and A-Force.

Visaggio spoke with Newsarama about this unique assignment as the book hit stands, comparing it to her previous creator-owned work and laying in some deep cuts of Marvel history - and making some new Marvel history herself.

Credit: Lauren Braga/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Newsarama:Magdalene,your work on Kim & Kim also has a punk rock tone. How did your time on that title help you write this one-shot? 

Magdalene Visaggio: First, I wanna say that I don’t think this book is “punk” in the same way that Kim & Kim is. Punk is such a weird word because we can use it in so many ways it kinda gets stripped of meaning; Kim & Kim is “punk” in an aesthetic sense; it has this screw-off attitude and it’s bright and angry. Dazzler: X-Song is a very different product, and Alison Blaire here is definitely…playing with a similar kinda look, but it doesn’t have the aggressive vibe that Kim & Kim goes for.

Nrama: How would you compare Alison to the Kims - either or both of them?

Credit: Lauren Braga/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Visaggio: She’s a very different person, and she isn’t driven to recklessness the same way as the Fighting Kims, which pushes a lot of the whole idea of that book as being quote-unquote punk. 

If there’s any connection, it’s that both books are about young women trying to find their way in the world after dealing with a string of failures. In that sense, I think we can call them both punk after a fashion: not for their aesthetic, or connection to punk or DIY culture, but for their focus on a take-no-prisoners kind of female agency.

Nrama: Dazzler: X-Song #1 is on stands now, but let's keep the spoilers to ourselves since it's still early on. Are there any fellow X-Men joining Dazzler in this?

Visaggio: Colossus shows up for a bit! That was fun.

Credit: Lauren Braga/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: A teammate from the classic Australian era.

Speaking of pasts, you're be exploring Alison’s with this issue. What were you most excited to dig into? 

Visaggio: It’s not about her past as much as her future; she’s recovering from her past.

Alison has been through a lot -  a disco-revival pop princess turned renegade superhero turned extradimensional revolutionary turned NGO paramilitary official turned superhero again who watched her own alternate self die. She wants to get away from all that, and get back to the one thing she really wanted: music. So it’s about her trying to turn away from her past, but realizing that’s not very easy.

Nrama: Do you set up any story for Dazzler’s upcoming appearance in Astonishing X-Men?  

Credit: Lauren Braga/Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Visaggio: A bit at the end there. This book needed to lead right into her rejoining the X-Men. So this is kind of her process to saying yes.

Nrama:What are you most excited for readers to see with this book? 

Visaggio: I just want people to have a good time and enjoy themselves, same as Alison. 

Nrama: Are we going to see any glimpse of Disco Dazzler like we do on the cover? 

Visaggio: There’s a bit of a mention of it, but we don’t see it.

Nrama:Would you like to do an ongoing series for Dazzler? 

Visaggio: Ab. So. Lutely.

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