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Credit: Gerardo Sandoval & Erick Arciniega (Marvel Comics)

With the release of this week’s Astonishing X-Men #12, writer Charles Soule’s tale of the return of Charles Xavier comes to a surprising end. With help from artists Gerardo Sandoval and Erick Arciniega, Soule exits Astonishing X-Men while closing the book on X, the Shadow King, and more.

Spoilers ahead for Astonishing X-Men #12.

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval & Erick Arciniega (Marvel Comics)

Following Xavier/X’s apparent death last issue’s when the Shadow King exploded from his skull, the psychic villain tears the X-Men apart for most of Astonishing X-Men #12, until X literally pulls himself back together (a feat he later refuses to explain), and he and Psylocke team up to harness the power of all of Earth’s psychics to destroy the Shadow King.

Following Shadow King’s sound defeat – Psylocke says she feels no psychic trace of him anywhere – X implants comforting post-hypnotic psychic suggestions in his allies and then erases their memories (including allowing Warren Worthington to switch between his identities at will). Only Psylocke’s memory is left intact, with X telling her she’ll be the one to “keep him honest” while he embarks on a new mission.

Credit: Gerardo Sandoval & Erick Arciniega (Marvel Comics)

What that mission will be and where it will take place have not been announced.

Astonishing X-Men #13 is due out on shelves July 4, with a new team of X-Men and the new creative team of writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land.

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