Fully Colorized FROM HELL: MASTER EDITION Coming in September

From Hell: Master Edition
Credit: Eddie Campbell (Top Shelf Productions)
Credit: Eddie Campbell (Top Shelf Productions)

Top Shelf has announced a "Master Edition" re-release of writer Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell's From Hell, a fictionalized retelling of the murders of Jack the Ripper. 

From Hell: Master Edition will be fully colorized by Campbell himself, and released in a 10 issue serialized format. 

“The most dramatic change is the color, of course,” said Campbell in a statement. “I prefer the term ‘colorizing’ to ‘coloring’ since I’m not simply painting within the black lines, but reconceiving every panel to suit a full-color world. But I’ve also gone through and fixed small errors and minor flaws that have haunted me for decades. Ultimately the result is my equivalent of a ‘director’s cut’ of From Hell.”

From Hell is one of the greatest graphic novels ever made — the first comic I ever read that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of sophisticated writing and art in this format,” added Chris Staros, Editor-in-Chief of Top Shelf Productions. “It’s been one of the keystones of Top Shelf’s line for almost twenty years, and now it’s an honor to watch Eddie breathe a whole new life into this epic.”

From Hell: Master Edition #1 is due out on shelves in September.

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