10 Answers with DC's DAN DIDIO: Call For Questions

Dan Didio

Because of some schedule rearranging this week, we're back already to ask for your questions for our weekly 10 Answers and 1 Question with DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

Of course, a few things have been announced since the last time we came to you for questions, like those <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/091012-blackest-night-dead-titles.html>eight titles coming back from the dead</a> that DC announced in Baltimore.

DC's also preparing for some big events next year, and our past revelations from Dan include hints about everything from Grant Morrison on the return of Bruce Wayne to a major Superman event. Dan isn't as forthcoming about post-Blackest Night news, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

But remember that the question Dan posed two weeks ago concerning what collections you'd like to see is behind us now, and he cannot answer any questions about when your favorite comic is going to get that big omnibus you want. Dan also doesn't oversee Wildstorm or Vertigo or anything to do with movies and digital content. So stick to the questions he can answer -- anything having to do with the DCU characters, comics and creative teams.

And remember that Dan has some writing gigs of his own coming up, like the ongoing Outsiders title and a one-shot revival of Weird Western Tales as part of Blackest Night.

So ask away. What do you want to get Dan DiDio talking about?

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