Deaths, Returns, New Identities, More in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 - SPOILERS

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This week's Amazing Spider-Man #800 brings together almost all the major players and threads of Dan Slott’s storied run on the title for a breakneck confrontation between Spider-Man and Norman Osborn. The story puts a pin in Slott’s longest arcs, and has serious ramifications for many major characters.

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #800.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The primary trajectory of Amazing Spider-Man #800 follows Peter Parker as he chases Norman Osborn across New York City, desperately trying to stop him from killing the people Peter loves. As the two clash with deadly stakes, Spider-Man’s allies rally to help him.

J. Jonah Jameson, deducing Eddie Brock’s secret identity, enlists Venom to help protect Mary Jane from the Red Goblin. Though Mary Jane, Venom, and Spider-Man are able to fend off the Red Goblin, the villain escapes. Needing a boost in power, Peter reluctantly bonds with the now-reformed Venom symbiote and leaps into pursuit towards Aunt May’s place.

Aunt May is under attack by Normie Osborn, but Doctor Octopus is there to protect her from the young villain, who is now calling himself 'Goblin Childe.' Spider-Man arrives too late - Norman has already come and gone. But May is OK, having been saved from the Red Goblin at the last second by Doc Ock, who vows to never let any harm come to her. Peter forgives Doc Ock and lets him leave with a clean slate.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Across town, Norman and Normie Osborn are attacking Alchemax. Spider-Man arrives just in time to save Liz Allen from Norman, causing Normie to betray his grandfather, and beg his parents to help him escape the symbiote. Harry Osborn and Spider-Man fight Red Goblin, with Harry impaling Norman on a Goblin Glider - but the elder Osborn survives.

Spider-Man chases Norman from Alchemax, but Norman reveals he’s placed symbiote shards in the brains of Peter’s loved ones, and can kill them with a snap of his finger. But just as he tries, his plan fails – Flash Thompson has used his Anti-Venom power to neutralize the shards. Flash figures out Spider-Man’s identity and the two fight alongside each other, but Flash is mortally wounded. Red Goblin escapes while Peter offers Flash the Venom symbiote, but Flash knows he is dying and refuses, seemingly succumbing to his ftal injuries moments later.

In their final confrontation, Peter desperately tries to stop Norman from killing civilians, but he’s just too powerful. Finally, playing on Osborne’s ego, he convinces him to abandon the Carnage symbiote to ensure the Green Goblin gets credit for Spider-Man’s death – but losing the symbiote is exactly the opportunity Spider-Man, himself now separated from the Venom symbiote, needs to send both Norman and the Carnage symbiote up in flames, defeating them both.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Jameson arrives on the scene to kill Osborn, but Spider-Man stops him. Osborn is taken into custody, where it seems his mind has been wiped and replaced by that of Cletus Kasady, the original Carnage, potentially as a result of their bond with the symbiote. Meanwhile, Normie has been seemingly separated from the symbiote which is now in possession of Alchemax – though it seems a bit of it remains in his body. At Flash’s funeral, Peter forgives Jameson for everything, and the pair seem to move towards friendship.

In an epilogue, Doc Ock is revealed to have survived Red Goblin’s attack, and is seen taking a job at Horizon University under the alias “Elliott Tolliver,” foreshadowing a potential return for the Superior Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man #801, Dan Slott’s final issue and the series finale before its impending relaunch, is due out on shelves June 20.

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