DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 Finally Forwards Long-Awaited REBIRTH Returns - SPOILERS

"Doomsday Clock #5" preview
Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)
Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's Doomsday Clock #5.

In this week's Doomsday Clock #5, the story is finally moving toward a return of the long-missing Justice Society of America.

By the end of the issue, the plots involving Johnny Thunder and Saturn Girl (which have been waiting for resolution since May 2016's DC Universe: Rebirth #1) begin to pay off, as the pair gets their hands on Alan Scott's Green Lantern.

Doomsday Clock #5 also featured Watchmen characters colliding with heroes of the DCU, uniting Ozymandias with Batman, and then Mime  and Marionette with the Joker.

 Doomsday Clock #5 is the latest chapter in the 12-part event miniseries by DC Chief Creative Officer/President Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. The miniseries series has been hindered by delays, originally launching last year as a one-year, monthly series, but recently began drawing out to protactive schedule with two and three months between issues. Doomsday Clock is set in the neat future of the DCU, with plans for the final issue - Doomsday Clock #12 - to be released in December 2018; at which, the rest of the DCU would be caught up, time-wise, with this event. Due to the delays, it is unknown how the series' end will dovetail into the DCU.

So how did the long-promised return of the Justice Society finally get moving? How did the Joker end up getting his hands on Batman? And what does Black Adam have to do with all of it? Let's take a look at spoilers for this week's issue to find out…

Ozymandias's Escape

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Remember how Ozymandias/Adrian Veidt fell from Lex Luthor's office after surprisingly encountering a Comedian who is very much alive and really ticked off?

Doomsday Clock #5 opens at a hospital, where Ozymandias has been drugged so he can rest and recover from the fractured rib and pulmonary contusion he suffered after his fight with Comedian.

After some discussion about the existence of God and near-death experiences (with the story's title being "There is No God"), readers are reminded that people in this near-future DCU aren't happy about superheroes.

A hospital TV reveals that Hawk and Dove have been arrested by the Rocket Red Brigade in Russia. And there are still people in the streets of Metropolis protesting against Batman, with Lex Luthor publicly egging them on.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

(Side note: In recent years, Lex Luthor has been fighting on the same side as the superheroes. But this week's Justice League: No Justice #4 gave a hint of his turn back to the dark side, apparently leading toward this Doomsday Clock future.)

Just as previous Doomsday Clock issues implied, Superman appears to be the one superhero that the public still trusts.

Anyway, in this anti-superheroes environment, the costumed Ozymandias is going to be taken to the federal government, since he was wearing a purple cape when he attacked Luthor (which is apparently the report given to the police after Ozy fell 20 stories from Luthor's office).

But Ozy figures out a way to escape from the hospital before he can be taken into custody. He retrieves his costume and his cat, Bubastis, and drives into the streets of Metropolis in a stolen animal control van.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Fake News

At The Daily Planet, Lois Lane is angry with Perry White because he changed her story, adding unproven facts so he can get clicks and sell papers. The story was about Ozymandias, and because the public wants to hear about rotten costumed metahumans, Perry said he gave the public what they wanted.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

In the newsroom, Clark Kent is watching a villain on TV who calls himself Pozhar. He was created during the Chernobyl accident and is now Russia's most powerful metahuman.

Pozhar announces that, because of Hawk and Dove's arrest and the controversy about the Supermen Theory, Russia is closing its borders to all foreigners. America's manufactured metahumans might be among them, so Russia believes it has to protect itself.

A later TV announcement reveals that Russia is forming an alliance with Prince Markov of Markovia (known as Geo-Force) and his "team of Outsiders," and Markovia has also closed its borders.

But Lois tells Clark that she thinks someone is behind the Supermen Theory. And she thinks she knows who it is.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Blue and Green

Saturn Girl and Rorschach are together, having just escaped from Arkham Asylum. After breaking into a thrift shop to find her some clothes - and after Saturn Girl puts on her Legion flight ring - the two join forces to find Dr. Manhattan.

Saturn Girl says the first step to locating Dr. Manhattan is to find a "great big light."

The two show up at Johnny Thunder's senior living home. After some references to the plot of that Nathaniel Dusk movie from past issues, it's revealed that Johnny Thunder has escaped out the window of his room by climbing down some sheets he tied together to form a rope.

A newspaper on Johnny's desk announces that a "green fire" has consumed All-American Steel factory.

Johnny's on his way to Pittsburgh, the site of the green fire. He thinks the fire is linked to the location of Alan Scott's "magic lamp," and if he finds that, he might find his genie.

But when he arrives at the empty shell of the factory, he's attacked by some thugs who think he has money.


Adrian Veidt drives to Gotham, arriving at the fallen Owl Ship, only to discover that Mime and Marionette are gone.

As he talks to Bubastis, he's interrupted. In the corner of the Owl Ship is Batman, who's been reading Rorschach's journal and knows all about Adrian Veidt.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)
Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Speaking of Mime and Marionette, remember that bar where they killed everyone in sight? Well, guess who's there now? It's the Comedian, who's also looking for Mime and Marionette.

But Mime and Marionette are busy hunting the Joker, and one of Joker's minions reveals that the gang is meeting the Clown Prince at the Bat-Signal later tonight.

Back at the Owl Ship, the police have apparently followed Adrian, and they surround the vehicle with Ozymandias and Batman inside. Adrian gets into the pilot seat and lifts the ship from the ground as a police helicopter follows.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

A TV screen on the Owl Ship shows that Firestorm vehemently disagrees with the Supermen Theory, but around the world, anti-American sentiment is rising and terrorism is targeting U.S. citizens.

That said, a terrorist organization from Kahndaq tried to behead an American journalist and broadcast it live. But Black Adam put an end to that, beheading the terrorist instead.

(Yep, he's back. And Geoff Johns just wrote him.)

One problem: Although the terrorist was from Kahndaq, Black Adam attacked him in Syria. The international community isn't too happy he crossed a border to pull off the rescue, but he tells the media that all he world's persecuted metahumans are welcome in Kahndaq.

The TV also reveals that the American military is pulling its soldiers out of the Middle East, because protests over the Supermen Theory have made things too unstable for their work to continue.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Lex, You Dirty Rat

Back in Metropolis, Lex Luthor has survived the gunshot that took him down during the Comedian/Ozymandias fight in Doomsday Clock #4.

Lois Lane has come to the hospital to see him, and when she accuses him of concocting the Supermen Theory, he denies it.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Instead, as Superman floats outside his hospital window listening, Lex asks Lois to help him expose the truth about the Supermen Theory. He claims that the person who created metahumans for the government was once a member of the Justice League.

Back in Gotham City, the Owl Ship is being chased through the skies, over the downtown protestors. Batman questions Ozymandias, but the latter derides his passenger for believing his world is any better than the Watchmen universe.

Ozymandias chastises him for "clinging to a simplistic morality based on pulp heroes." He wonders aloud if that's why Dr. Manhattan came to this universe.

When Adrian fires on the police, Batman tries to stop him and the Owl Ship crashes into a downtown Gotham building.

Nearby, Mime and Marionette are on a rooftop overlooking the crash. They caught Joker's thugs attacking Commissioner Gordon on the police rooftop.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Hitting the Fan

Batman falls from the Owl Ship into the arms of protesters, who start hitting him.

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

The Joker thugs throw the Bat Signal off the rooftop.

And as Mime and Marionette participate in the mayhem, they're confronted by the Joker.

Back in Pittsburgh, Johnny Thunder runs from his attackers and ta-da! He was right. He finds the Green Lantern.

And just as his attackers catch him, Rorschach and Saturn Girl show up to rescue him. After Rorschach dispatches with the criminals (killing them, but Saturn Girl says they were going to die tonight from an overdose anyway), Rorscach asks what the Green Lantern is?

At the same time, in Gotham, Joker's minions have discovered the beaten Batman. They present him to their smiling boss.

The issue ends with the a Eugene O'Neill quote: "When men make Gods, there is no God!"

Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

The story continues in Doomsday Clock #6, which is currently scheduled for release July 18.

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