Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E4: "Momentum Deferred"

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

“Momentum Deferred”

Wow…after watching this episode, I feel like Agent Dunham being thrown through a car windshield.  If anyone thought the season/answers were slow going so far, “Momentum Deferred” made every effort to make up for it.

When the episode began with the grab and go of the cryogenically frozen heads, my first reaction was “Great…another weird case we happened to find that we’ll solve slowly and only give our viewers bits of information.”  However, once the bad guy started bleeding mercury, I realized there might just be more to this one than I had first expected.

Walter remains on his search for a way to draw out Olivia’s hidden memories, and this time, the trick is a flatworm smoothie.  She downs it with no immediate effect, but once Peter tolls a bell in the lab, Agent Dunham goes down in a flood of memories from her trip.  Answers to many of the existing questions fly by the viewers as Olivia re-experiences her exchange with William Bell.  He tells her of an upcoming storm, a collision of the two universes, as well as explaining that the real universe has been infiltrated by the First Wave, or hybrid soldier/shape-shifters.  Bell also goes on to draw a symbol, saying that this symbol is on the head of their leader.

Symbol on head + missing frozen heads = search by the First Wave to find their leader.  The race is on for Olivia to find the head before the First Wave does.  Massive Dynamic has been able to create a program that will recreate an image of the shape-shifter.  While Agent Dunham tells Nina Sharp of her clue about the symbol on the head, she remembers where the head is stored.  Just as she is about to tell Nina, Charlie texts her that Nina is the shape-shifter.  Not wasting a moment, Olivia tells Charlie where the head is, just as Massive Dynamic identifies the shape-shifter as none other than Charlie.

Unfortunately the First Wave gets to the head before the Fringe Division does, but that is to be expected.  It should be interesting to see what comes of the Frankenstein-like leader that is awoken at the end of the episode.

I want to go back to an element of the plot that almost was overshadowed by everything else that occurred in the episode, the element of girl from the ESP video, Rebecca.  It was clear to see that she and Walter had a great deal of water under the bridge, and I think that in future episodes, her skill of identifying “those who do not belong” will come in handy.  I thought it was very interesting that when she looked at Peter, she saw that he did not belong, a fact that only his father knew.

If anyone was getting bored with Fringe in this season, this episode was sure to draw viewers back.  So many things are up in the air right now, it seems like the season’s momentum has become anything but deferred.  Any thoughts on where the momentum is headed?

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