See How TANK GIRL Got Her Tank in TANK GIRL ALL STARS #1 Preview

Tank Girl All Stars #1

Discover how Tank Girl got her tank - and celebrate her 30th anniversary - in this preview of Titan Comics' anthology Tank Girl All Stars #1, on shelves June 20.

Tank Girl All Stars #1 (Of 4)
Writer Alan Martin
Artists Brett Parson, Ashley Wood, Chris Wahl & Phil Bond
Fc • 32pp • $3.99 • On Sale June 20, 2018
An Anthology Of Stories From Creators Old And New, Celebrating The 30th Anniversary Of Tank Girl! At Last It Can Be Told! In This 30th Anniversary Anthology, We Finally Reveal The Biggest Secret In Comic History - How Tank Girl Got Her Tank - The Origin Story To End All Origin Stories! This, And A Whole Bunch Of Other Tales, Will Be Written By Series Co-Creator Alan Martin, With Artwork By A Host Of Tank Girl Stalwarts, Newbies, And Superstar Guests, Including Current Artist Brett Parson, And Friends From Throughout Tank Girl’s Checkered 30-Year Lifetime! Cover A: Brett Parson Cover B: Ashley Wood Cover C: Chris Wahl Cover D: Alan Martin Photo Cover

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