WALLY WEST's Past Shakes The DCU In 'Flash War' Kick-Off - THE FLASH #47 Spoilers

The Flash #47
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)
Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's The Flash #47.

It looks like Wally West is going after his children.

That statement has huge implications for fans of the original Wally West, and it opens even bigger possibilities for fans who miss concepts and characters from before the "New 52" reboot.

And in Flash #47, there are hints that characters like Max Mercury, Bart Allen/Impulse, and Jesse Quick might return too.

Flash #47 kicks off of the title's "Flash War" storyline - and as the issue ended, it's apparent that the "war" between Barry and Wally will surround whether Wally should go rescue his children.

Barry, after all, has tried changing the past before, causing the Flashpoint when he tried to save his mother.

But Wally is a father. Wouldn't any decent father try to save his children, even if the offer to rescue them was being made by his arch-nemesis?

Jai and Iris

To review, in the post-Crisis timeline (which existed before Flashpoint and the "New 52" reboot), Wally West and Linda Parks were not only married, but they had twin babies.

Eventually, thanks to some Speed Force-science during and after Infinite Crisis, the twins aged "off screen" to evolve into superpowered tweens who were connected to the Speed Force. The two kids wore costumes and fought alongside their dad.

But that all ended when the DC Universe was rebooted with the events of Flashpoint in 2011.

Wally West and his kids both disappeared from continuity. And when Wally finally returned in May 2016's DC Universe: Rebirth #1, he didn't exactly have his old memories, and he didn't bring anyone else with him.

So…now it looks like Wally's kids will be at the center of the "Flash War" storyline -  and if Wally goes to rescue them, he might end up bringing back a few other fan-favorite speedsters.

How'd It Happen?

Let's take a look at how Flash #47, this week's issue by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, accomplished all these hints.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

First, the issue established that, in the near future, Barry and Wally are going to disagree strongly about something, a parting of minds that actually causes them to fight physically.

In other words, "Flash War" is going to get ugly.

But before that happens, the issue flashes back to "47 minutes and 18 second earlier," where we're told that the original Wally West is experiencing periodic visions from his "other" life prior to the "New 52" reboot.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

He's hoping the memories will come back, no matter how painful they are. (Nice foreshadowing, eh?)

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

That's when the Renegades show up from the future to arrest Iris for killing Eobard Thawne. The Renegades are the "25th Century Reverse Flash Task Force," made up of the future versions of familiar Flash Rogues, such as Commander Cold, Golden Guardian, Weather Warlock, Heatstroke, and Mirror Monarch.

Barry, original Wally, young Wall,y and Iris resist the arrest (some more than others). And a battle and chase ensues.

Time Jump

When original Wally starts to have one of his visions of the past, Commander Cold stops the conflict. He recognizes that Wally is having a "temporal seizure."

Commander Cold offers to help, citing some hints dropped during the recent Flash Annual #1 about how Wally's timeline jump (in DC Universe: Rebirth #1) caused "unusual changes in time" that were noticeable in the future.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Wally doesn't want to go to the future, but Barry thinks it's a good idea. They all decide to stick together and travel to the 25th Century with the Renegades.

So Commander Cold uses his time portal to transport all of them to the future.


The Offer

When the group arrives at the "Temporal Courts" in the future, original Wally is not with them.

Cold discovers that there was a corrupted file within his time portal. Whoever implanted that file was specifically targeting Wally's speed force signature.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

And who could that be?

Yep, it's Zoom. And Wally has been transported to a destroyed version of the Flash Museum. There are images of Bart Allen, Max Mercury and Jesse Quick.

Credit: Howard Porter/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

And there's a picture of Wally and Linda with their two children, Jai and Iris.

On the final page, Hunter Zolomon introduces himself, standing in front of two trophy cases containing the costumes once worn by Jai and Iris.

"We were friends once," Zoom says to Wally. "And together, we are going to save your children."

"Flash War" continues June 13 with The Flash #48.

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