Justice League: No Justice #3
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Spoilers ahead for this week's Justice League: No Justice #3.

Talk about unlikely heroes. In Justice League: No Justice #3, Starro just sacrificed himself for the greater good, saving the Justice League and friends from certain annihilation and protecting the people of Colu from the destruction of their planet.

It was quite a feat for one of the greatest villains in the No Justice teams, and for fans who only know the old Starro, his sacrifice might seem counterintuitive.

After all, in the past, Starro was simply a giant starfish that released mind-controlling spores. He was more like a parasite than someone who could make the decision to sacrifice himself for other people.

But in Dark Nights: Metal, the recent event by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Starro received a makeover that gave him a wise-cracking personality and the power to control minds without his spores.

So in Justice League: No Justice #3, when an Omega Titan is about to kill everyone, Starro makes the decision to save them by sacrificing himself.

However, Starro has come back from the dead before, apparently able regrow himself from just one piece of himself. So there's a good chance Starro will be back.

So how did Starro get to the point of self-sacrifice? And what else happened in Justice League: No Justice #3, the latest chapter from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Riley Rossmo and Marcus To?

Last Time on Planet Colu

To review what's happened so far in the story, there are four Omega Titans consuming worlds, each released onto the DCU by the destruction of the Source Wall (in Dark Nights: Metal). Each Titan represents one of the four energies of sentient life: entropy, wisdom, wonder, and mystery.

Brainiac invaded Earth and captured various Earth heroes and villains, wanting their help to stop the Omega Titans from consuming his home world of Colu. He divided them into four teams, each matching one of the four energies, and began instructing them about how to carry out his brilliant plan.

Credit: Francis Manapul/Marcus To/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Unfortunately, before the Earth characters understood Brainiac's plan to save the universe, Brainiac died (because of Amanda Waller's meddling).

So just as one of the Omega Titans was getting ready to consume Colu, the four teams of Earth heroes and villains decided to "restart" the energies of four trees at each corner of the universe.

And in one of those trees (the tree associated with entropy), the Earth characters discovered an imprisoned Vril Dox, the clone of Brainiac (who calls himself "Brainiac 2.0").

Credit: Francis Manapul/Marcus To/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Meanwhile, on Earth, Amanda Waller and Green Arrow have discovered that Earth's cosmic seed has been activated, which means Earth is the next place to be consumed by the Omega Titans.

We Trusted Brainiac?

As this issue begins, Vril Dox explains to Team Entropy that his father's plan was not to save the universe, but to conquer Colu and steal its energy.

And according to him, there was never any plan to save planet Earth from the Omega Titans.

Credit: DC Comics

OK, so that's a bit of a downer.

But fortunately, only Team Entropy is bummed out by it, so Team Wonder still has faith. And as the team tries to restart the Tree of Wonder, it's their faith that allows them to complete their task.

Soon after, Cyborg figures out how to use his Mother Box grab the information from Colu's data bank at the Tree of Wisdom. And Team Mystery starts releasing the "world nursery" where a slew of planets are being held captive at the Tree of Mystery (including Starfire's homeworld of Tamaran).

Credit: DC Comics

Team Entropy makes it back to Brainiac's ship with Vril Dox, and the people of Colu make it onto evacuation ships.

But they all just need a little more time to finish all these acts of bravery, hoping to take away the Omega Titan's ability to feed on anything.

Here's where Starro comes in.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Even though Superman offers to stay back and "fight it off as long as I can," Starro tells him no. He will be the one who stays and fights so everyone else can escape.

He uses the Atom's powers to grow huge and slap himself onto the Omega Titan's face. It works, and everyone escapes.

But in the process, Starro is ripped to pieces and, as we described above, he was supposedly killed. By the end of the issue, the entire planet is destroyed. (And those pieces of Starro are assumedly still out there).

Back on Earth, the activation of the seed has put into motion a sequence of events that will grow four energy trees on Earth — one at S.T.A.R. Labs, one at Belle Reve, one at the Tower of Fate, and the fourth at the Fortress of Solitude.

Three of the Omega Titans have already arrived at Earth. Oliver Queen has hope that the Justice League will arrive any minute now and save the day. But Amanda's more cynical. "Welcome, Mr. Queen," she says, "to the end of the world."

Credit: DC Comics

The story continues in May 30's Justice League: No Justice #4.

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