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Aquicorn Cove
(W/A/CA) Katie O’Neill
From the award-winning author of Princess Princess Ever After and The Tea Dragon Society comes Aquicorn Cove, a heartfelt story about learning to be a guardian to yourself and those you love. When Lana and her father return to their seaside hometown to help clear the debris of a big storm, Lana remembers how much she’s missed the ocean—and the strong, reassuring presence of her aunt. As Lana explores the familiar beach, she discovers something incredible: a colony of Aquicorns, small magical seahorse-like creatures that live in the coral reef. Lana rescues an injured Aquicorn and cares for it with the help of her aunt, who may know more about these strange creatures than she's willing to admit. But when a second storm threatens to reach the town, choices made many years ago about how to coexist with the sea start to rise to the surface. Lana realizes she will need to find the strength to stand on her own, even when it means standing up to the people who she has always relied on to protect her.
10/17/18 | 96 pgs | Hardcover, 6x9 | All Ages | Fantasy | $12.99

Bad Machinery Vol. 6: The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor, Pocket Edition
(W/A/CA) John Allison
School is out for summer, and for the Tackleford mystery team, that means lazy days, balmy evenings, and... creeping existential dread that threatens the whole city. With half the team gallivanting off to exotic locales (like Aunty Kath's in Margate), can Linton, Jack, and Lottie solve this season's most dire case? The Case of the Unwelcome Visitor, the sixth book in John Allison's award-winning Bad Machinery series, pits our young heroes against the terrors of the unfamiliar and unknown. Lottie's mum and sister have both fallen in love (thanks to the internet), Linton is determined to save his father from the soul-sucking responsibility of a promotion, and why is Jack working at the local paper with team nemesis (and hot-shot reporter) Erin Winters? Isn't print meant to be dead? Could the link between these tangled threads be The Night Creeper, who prowls Tackleford's streets and leaves people in the hospital with a blank stare and a terrible smile on their face?
10/31/18 | 144 pgs | Softcover, 9x6 | All Ages | Mystery/Humor | $12.99

Banana Sunday
(W) Paul Tobin, (A) Colleen Coover with Rian Sygh, (C/A) Colleen Coover
Banana Sunday, the classic story by Eisner Award-winning Bandette co-creators Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, is now presented in full color, with a brand-new introduction and bonus materials! Kirby Steinberg is having a bit of trouble fitting into her new school. Sure, there's the usual problems associated with being from "somewhere else," but this time the new kid also happens to be the guardian for three talking primates. Chuck, the professorial orangutan. Knobby, the love-stricken spider monkey. Go-Go, the befuddled golden gorilla. These primates have learned to speak, thanks to the scientific processes of Kirby's father. Or have they? What's their real story? That's what Nickels—Kirby's new best friend and unfortunately dedicated school reporter—would like to discover. Can Kirby find time to develop a relationship with Martin, the dashing nerd? Steer clear of Skye, the high school's #1 pillar of arrogance? Keep Knobby, Chuck and Go-Go from causing untold catastrophes? And, above all, will Kirby be able to hide the real origin of these three simians from Nickels? Oh, probably not.
10/24/18 | 112 pgs | Softcover, 6x9 | All Ages | Fantasy/Humor | $12.99

Invader Zim #34
(W) Eric Trueheart (A) Maddie C with Fred C. Stresing (CA) Warren Wucinich with Fred C. Stresing (CA) Miracle Mosley
Who’s in prison? ZIM’s in prison! What did he do to get there? No one knows! Not even him! But Moo-Ping 10 is the most notorious Space Prison in the whole of the Irken Empire, and ZIM better get out soon, or he could end up rotting in a space cell for the rest of the comic series, and that would be very, very bad for sales.
08/29/18 | 32 pgs | Standard Comic | All Ages | Sci-Fi/Humor | $3.99

Invader Zim Vol. 6
(W) Eric Trueheart, Sarah Graley, Sam Logan (A) Maddie C. and Mady G with Fred C. Stresing, Sarah Graley with Sarah Stern (CA) Maddie C. with Fred C. Stresing
Things are getting weird. Watch as everyone's favorite green alien CONQUERS THE WORLD. Or, well, tries to. Often with pretty disastrous results! See ZIM connect with an alien neighbor he never knew he had! Laugh at ZIM's sped-up antics as he attempts to control... THE TIME THINGY. And gaze in awe at the two-part story all about Poop Cola's insidious new flavor, DARKPOOP. Featuring special guest illustrators Sarah Graley (OUR SUPER ADVENTURE, KIM REAPER) and Mady G, and featuring new series artist Maddie C.! Collects issues #26-30 of the Oni Press comic series.
09/05/18 | 128 pgs | Softcover, Standard Comic Book | All Ages | Sci-Fi/Humor | $19.99

Kaijumax Deluxe Edition Book 1
(W/A/CA) Zander Cannon
Up from the depths! 13 inches high! Breathing fire! Its head in the sky! It's the KAIJUMAX KAIJU-SIZED DELUXE HARDCOVER! Collecting the first 12 issues in oversized full color glory, this is the epic, pitch-black, candy-colored kaiju prison comic that once and for all points out the folly of man. Follow Electrogor, Mechazon, Warden Kang, The Creature from Devil's Creek, Chisato, Hellmoth, Jeong, and more as they negotiate the harsh rules of prison, the perils of the kaiju black market, and the allure of the illicit uranium trade. From the depths of the Old Gods' Krakenhouse to Team GREAT's orbital laser satellite, from the 1960s to modern day, the furious, anguished, or triumphant roars of KAIJUMAX's inmates will ring in your ears for all time.
10/24/18 | 368 pgs | Hardcover, 8.5x13 | Mature Themes | Sci-Fi/Comedy | $59.99

Rick and Morty #41
(W) Kyle Starks, Tini Howard (A) Marc Ellerby and Jarrett Williams with Sarah Stern (CA) Marc Ellerby with Sarah Stern (CA) Kyle Smart
What do a planet-hopping degenerate, a totally buff (and existentially tortured) Meeseeks, a grieving gun-toting widow, an alien prince, and a bull terrier all have in common? They all hate Rick. A lot. And they're coming after him, Morty, and the whole family in RICK REVENGE SQUAD: PART ONE. Also, catch new backup comics by Tini Howard (Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It, Assassinistas) and Jarrett Williams (Super Pro K.O., Hyper Force Neo)!
08/29/18 | 32 pgs | Standard Comic | Young Adult | Sci-Fi/Humor | $3.99

The Long Con #2
(W) Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman (A/CA) EA Denich with M. Victoria Robado
Dez and Victor haven’t seen each other since the world ended five years ago, leaving Dez trapped inside the Los Spinoza Convention Center and Victor writing articles for a post-apocalyptic newspaper about how to properly season shoelaces for human consumption. So the two have got a lot to catch up on—and when Dez learns the world outside the convention center isn’t infested with radioactive zombies, she’s determined to get not just herself and her intern out, but all the other imprisoned con-goers.
08/22/18 | 32 pgs | Standard Comic | Young Adult | Humor, Action/Adventure | $3.99

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