HBO's WATCHMEN Will Be 'New Testament' to Original's 'Old Testament'... But Not a Direct Sequel

After Watchmen
Credit: Dave Gibbons (DC Comics)

Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer of HBO's upcoming Watchmen TV series, has posted a lengthy letter to his personal Instagram account explaining that the series will not adapt the original story, nor will it be a direct sequel to the events of the original series.

Instead, Lindelof calls the Watchmen pilot the "New Testament" to the original's "Old Testament," referencing the two most widely accepted collections that make up the Christian Bible. The story will feature new heroes with connections to some of the original Watchmen characters, and will take place in the present day. DC's current Doomsday Clock comic book series began in the early 1990s but currently takes place in the near-future of the DCU.

Here's Lindelof's letter in full, written somewhat in the style of Doctor Manhattan's narration from portions of the original Watchmen comic book story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons:


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HBO has not announced Watchmen 's debut.

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