DICK TRACY Reboot Coming in 2019

Dick Tracy
Credit: Richard Pietrzyk (Hermes Press)
Credit: Richard Pietrzyk (Hermes Press)

Chester Gould's Dick Tracy is being rebooted for a new 2019 OGN coming from Dick Tracy comic strip alum Richard Pietrzyk and Hermes Press. Set in the 1940s, Pietrzyk's story is based in part on conversations he had with Gould during the late cartoonist's later years.

"One of the things about the graphic novel - what I want to bring into the story of the graphic novel is a few of the ideas and stories that I brainstormed with Chester," Pietrzyk said. "In a sense, he’s going to have a finger in this book. Every time I showed up at his house we’d go over characters, and I showed him some 40 characters over the years. Some of those characters will appear in this graphic novel, and some of those story ideas will be used as well. I kicked around a lot of things with him that I hope to use in the novel. I’m very excited and ready to get started!"

This new Dick Tracy OGN is scheduled to come out in late 2019.

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