new Supergirl costumes

Justice League arist Jorge Jimenez has redesigned DC Comics' Supergirl ahead of that character's rejuvenated series returning in August.

Incoming series writer Marc Andreyko told Syfywire that Supergirl will have multiple costumes depending on the situation.

"The primary one that’s on the cover to issue #21, that glorious Terry Dodson cover, is not a permanent new costume. She’s traveling in space, so there’s a lot of technical stuff she has to adapt to and be concerned about," said Andreyko "Having a costume that can adapt to different environments and planets that might not have access to a yellow sun is important. It’s part of her arsenal now, but it’s not a permanent costume change. It’s a ‘what suit is most effective for where she is and what she has to do’ costume. It’s a practical costume, and the details around it will be revealed in the first few issues."

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