SUPERGIRL Un-Cancelled, New Creative Team Recruited for BENDIS/SUPERMAN Tie-In Story

Supergirl #21
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC Comics' Supergirl title is returning - not in a new series, but in a continution of the "Rebirth" era series which was cancelled earlier this year. First reported by Syfywire, Supergirl will return in August with issue #21 and an all-new creative team of writer Marc Andreyko and artist Kevin Maguire. The new story will tie into Brian Michael Bendis' Superman plans, exploring the origin of his newly-introduced villain Rogal Zaar.

"It’s really exciting for me to get to write Kara,” said Andreyko, who has worked with Bendis previously. “Some of my favorite Supergirl stories were obviously things like Crisis On Infinite Earths, the first comic to make me cry as a kid. There was also the great stories that Paul Levitz did with artists Keith Giffen and Steve Lightle back in Legion of Super-Heroes back in the 80s. To get to play with that characters is such a treat. “

For this rejuvenated Supergirl, Jorge Jimenez has redesigned the character's costume - you can check out his various designs here.


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