The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision Blog has yet another scoop tonight, after being first with the news of new developments in a Spider-Man spin-off Venom movie.

This time the subject is Warren Ellis, and his Avatar Press book with co-writer Mike Wolfer, Gravel.  Gravel has been picked up by the Legendary Pictures house for development into a feature-length film. What's more, they've hired Ellis himself as a producer and the screenwriter for the film. Ellis had hinted at a new movie project on his blog and twitter of late, but this is the first official word about the new project.

This of course joins several as-yet-unmade Ellis projects currently residing in Hollywood, including films of Red and Ocean, both of which recently had new editions of their bound graphic novel collections released. Heat Vision also mentioned Global Frequency, though Ellis fans will know that project unfortunately didn't make it past pilot stage a few years ago.

No word on if Wolfer or artist Raulo Caceres will have any involvement in the production.

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