RIZ AHMED Volunteers for MS. MARVEL Movie - and He's Invited a Few Friends

Ms. Marvel #13
Credit: Marvel Comics
Riz Ahmed
Riz Ahmed
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Riz Ahmed has volunteered his services to Marvel Studios to write a proposed Ms. Marvel film - and he's invited actors/writers Kumail Nanjiani and Mindy Kaling to join him in his bid to take on the project.

"So when do [Marvel Studios] want me, [Mindy Kaling], and [Kumail Nanjiani] to get started on the Ms. Marvel screenplay?" Ahmed tweeted.

Like Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel, Ahmed is both Muslim and Pakistani, as is Nanjiani. Kaling's comedy and television writing has often centered on being the first generation child of parents who emigrated to America. Nanjiani co-wrote the Oscar nominated screenplay for The Big Sick with his wife Emily V. Gordon, while Kaling has been nominated for and won numerous awards for her work on both The Office and her solo TV series The Mindy Project.

Though no Ms. Marvel film has been announced, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently said the character was in development to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe sometime after the introduction of her in-story inspiration, Captain Marvel.

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