MARVEL Debuts Chinese Superhero Titles

Warrior of Three Sovereigns
Credit: Marvel Comics/NetEase
Credit: Marvel Comics/NetEase

Marvel and its Chinese partner NetEase have debuted the first two titles for their planned line of superhero comic books created for contemporary Chinese audiences.

The first title is Warrior of Three Sovereigns, which focuses on a college student who wields a magic sword against an ancient evil. The line's second launch title is Cyclone, about a woman with air-controlling powers who is also an architect.

Credit: Marvel Comics/NetEase

"The editor of Marvel Comics participated in the creation of the two heroes, so it’s fair to say they are Marvel’s first two official Chinese superheroes,” a NetEase spokesperson told TechNode. “These characters will have various connections with the Marvel Universe, including the infrastructure of cities they live in, like Stark Industries advertisements.”

Both titles are intended to come to the United States later this year, and are now available in China on the NetEase platform.

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