RYAN COOGLER is Open to a Female-Led BLACK PANTHER Spin-Off

'Black Panther' character posters
Credit: Marvel Studios

Black Panther co-writer/director Ryan Coogler was just as captivated by the film's female heroes as its numerous fans - so much so that he would even consider directing a spin-off starring the women of Wakanda.

“I think you could argue [the women in Black Panther] are more important [than the men]," Coogler told Variety. “There’s a whole section of the film where T’Challa is out of the movie and you’re just following the women. That’s one of my favorite parts of the movie when I watched it, and I didn’t expect that.”

“That part of the movie you feel like you’re watching something fresh and new,” he continued. “That part of it was exciting. We have [Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong'O, and Letitia Wright] who could easily carry their own movie. Some of them have before. We were so fortunate. I would watch a movie with them! That would be amazing if the opportunity came up. They did it in the comic-book version.”

Coogler's comments echoed statements made by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, in which he said he could envision Marvel developing such a spin-off.

Black Panther is available now on digital home video, and will be released on home video May 15.

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