Simon Pegg as Scotty in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'
Simon Pegg as Scotty in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness'
Credit: Paramount
Credit: Alan Davis (Marvel Comics)

Simon Pegg has volunteered to play Captain Britain in a live-action movie - even if he is admitly "slightly too old". In an interview with JoBlo, the 48-year-old actor revealed his pick when asked about his idea for a superhero role.

"I mean, Captain Britain was this Marvel superhero that I loved growing up, 'cause he was the British member of that community," Pegg said. "I even had a Captain Britain mask when I was a kid, but I fear I would probably be slightly too old now, but if they do have... If a Captain Britain movie comes about, they're gonna need a British cast, so..."

It is unknown where Captain Britain's film rights sit - although he debuted in his own standalone Marvel UK title, he has most commonly been associated with the X-Men like his sister, Psylocke - who debuted alongside him in comics, and has appeared in X-Men live-action films.

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