EXTERMINATION 'Post-Credits' Scenes Coming to X-MEN Comic Books

'Extermination' cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics will add "post-credits" scenes in some of its upcoming X-Men titles which show scenes leading to August's Extermination event. The scenes will be created by writer Ed Brisson and artist Oscar Bazaldua.

Similar "post-credits" scenes were used leading up to the current Hunt For Wolverine event showing Wolverine's location leading up to his return to the Marvel Universe. A similar Extermination "post-credits" scene appeared in X-Men Gold #26, showing the X-Men uniting against a Sentinel threat.

Along with the announcement of the "post-credits scenes", Marvel revealed that the event will jump 20 years forward into the future to a world where the mutantkind is all but extinct. How that future comes to pass and how it can be prevented will be central questions in Extermination.

Here's the list of titles in which the scenes will appear:

– On Sale 5/2/18
– On Sale 5/9/18
– On Sale 6/6/18
– On Sale 7/4/18
CABLE #159
– On Sale 7/18/18

 Extermination starts in August. No specific release date has been announced.

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