Avengers RE-Assemble in Marvel & Bendis's SIEGE?

On G4TV.com, Blair Butler did a massive two part video interview with Brian Michael Bendis covering movies, tv, and comics. After touching on his role in the Marvel creative group for the currently in-production Marvel Studios projects (with an Avengers movie meeting having already been completed), talking about how Icon was "created for" Bendis and others, and teasing new Powers TV and comics info, a comics-specific project was announced.

Siege, which kicks off in January, is a new four issue "Marvel event" that will bring an end to Norman Osborn's Dark Reign. It's a "seismic shift in the Avengers books" akin to that of Avengers Disassembled, said Bendis. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America will come back together, uniting for the first time in a few years.

December will see a prologue issue called Siege: The Cabal, which is drawn by Michael Lark. The four-issue mini that follows starting in January will be drawn by Olivier Coipel. Bendis made a point of noting the four issue length, saying it'll be "boom boom boom" with action from start to finish.

Marvel's only official statement is "Stay tuned for news from the Diamond Retailer Summit next week.” We'll have full coverage from the Summit and more details for you then.

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