GAMBIT Script 'Great,' FOX Interviewing Replacement Directors

Credit: David Finch (Marvel Comics)

20th Century Fox is in the midst of meetings with potential directors for the beleaguered live-action Gambit movie, according to long-time X-Men producer Simon Kinberg. Kinberg, who is making his directorial debut in 2019's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, told Entertainment Weekly that development of the film is ongoing.

“We have a really great script for that, and we’ve met with a bunch of directors in the last couple of weeks," Kinberg said.

Fox has been working on a Gambit movie since 2009 when Taylor Kitsch played the role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Kitsch was originally signed to a three-picture deal to include solo films, but after several years Channing Tatum signed on to play Gambit in a prospective film. At various points, three different directors have been announced for a hopeful film - Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman, and Gore Verbinski - with each reportedly leaving due to creative differences.

After several re-scheduled release dates, Fox does not have a revised release date for Gambit announced.

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