BENDIS' MAN OF STEEL #1-4 Will be Fully Returnable for Retailers - With a Few Caveats

DC Comics June 2018 solicitations
Credit: DC Entertainment

The six-part weekly Man of Steel miniseries by writer Brian Michael Bendis and a host of artists will be returnable to retailers - if the retailer's orders for the book are at a certain level.

Man of Steel #1 through #4 will be fully returnable if a retailer's final order cut-off orders for the individual issue match or exceeds their orders for November 2017's Batman Lost #1. That book was the fourth-highest selling book in November through Diamond Comic Distributors.

Retailers can get 50% returnability on Man of Steel #5 and #6 if their final order cut-off orders for those individual issues match or exceeds another Metal tie-in, Batman: The Devastator #1 . That book was the seventh-highest selling book in November.

Man of Steel #1 is scheduled to debut May 30.

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