A Video Game Mystery: The CREEPIEST PROMO Ever

A Video Game Mystery: SUPER CREEPY PROMO

What the What?

Occasionally, we'll receive interesting promotions for upcoming comics, games, and movies. Posters, t-shirts, preview copies, the typical "swag" comes into the office. Yesterday, though, we got something just downright creepy.

The postcard looked mostly normal from the "picture side," with the hula dancers and "Welcome to Paradise!" message. Then I noticed the random spots of what looked like blood on the picture.

A Video Game Mystery: SUPER CREEPY PROMO
A Video Game Mystery: SUPER CREEPY PROMO
Flipping it over, the blank side had been splattered in blood spray, with a couple of larger splotches. As you can see in the image, it also had the message written on it, "For God's sake, get out before it's too late! -William"

My first thought was but there's no William in the main cast of that game. There are lots of scary games around the corner, so the question is... what is this promotion for?

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