UPDATE: DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 Release Date Revised Again

Doomsday Clock #5 first look
Credit: Gary Frank (DC Comics)
Credit: Gary Frank (DC Comics)
Credit: Gary Frank (DC Comics)

Updated May 2, 2018: Following Newsarama's earlier report (see below), DC Comics's Doomsday Clock #5 has been rescheduled a third time, now set for May 30 - only week later than its originally-solicited release date, but four weeks earlier than the publisher listed Tuesday.

"Gary and I are working diligently to deliver a thought-provoking and beautifully drawn series that’s unlike anything else on the shelves today," Johns said in a statement. "It’s incredibly important to us to keep up the quality of Doomsday Clock, but also to deliver it on the bimonthly schedule and we intend to keep our word. Issue #5 will begin the countdown for the DC Universe as the worlds of the Watchmen and DC collide full-on. Expect to see characters known and obscure step into the spotlight. And the strangest team-up you’ve ever seen."

Included with Johns' quote are two uncolored, unlettered pages from #5 by Gary Frank.

With this, DC have updated their website from Tuesday, changing Doomsday Clock #5's listed shipping date from June 28 to May 30.

Although Johns stressed that the series would be delivered on "the bimonthly schedule," DC's website still reflects an August 29 release for Doomsday Clock #6 - three months after #5's revised date.

Credit: DC Comics

Original Story: Both Doomsday Clock #5 and #6 have been delayed, according to updates to DC Comics' website.

Doomsday Clock #5, which was originally solicited to come out May 23, has now been rescheduled on the publisher's website to June 20.

Similiarly, Doomsday Clock #6, originally set for release July 18, is now listed with a August 29 release date.

Originally announced as a monthly series with planned skip-months of March and August 2018, Doomsday Clock began experiencing delays in January with the delay of #4 followed by a switch to an every-other-monthly schedule soon after.

At the time, series writer Geoff Johns said that he, DC, and Gary Frank hope for the series to resume monthly shipping at some point but that "bi-monthly is guaranteed."

Doomsday Clock #4 came out March 28.

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