Did 'DOCTOR DOOM' Steal A NYC Lawyer's IRON MAN First Appearance on eBay?

Tales of Suspense #39
Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Jack Kirby (Marvel Comics)

A New York-area lawyer says a man he dubs "Doctor Doom" stole his copy of Tales of Suspense #39 - the first appearance of Iron Man - in an eBay purchase gone wrong.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in Manhattan Federal Court (and reported by the New York Daily News), on March 15 James Cracolici listed his copy of Tales of Suspense #39 on eBay for $7,680 and quickly sold it to Craig Saunders the next day. Operating under the eBay user name "kal-elmanofsteel," Saunders used PayPal to send Cracolici the $7,680 - plus $53.67 in shipping to send the rare book to him in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada.

Cracolici said he sent the item and that the United States Postal Service confirmed that it arrived at the intended address, but Saunders said he never received it. After several days, Saunders told PayPal he did not receive the item and the money transfer was cancelled.

"He's Dr. Doom!" Cracolici told New York Daily News. "All I can say is that he scammed me."

"Don't have it. Wish I did!" Saunders said of the transaction. "He's a brand-new eBay user... I understood there was a learning curve for him."

Cracolici's lawsuit names Saunders, eBay, and PayPal as defendants and seeks a minimum of $23,000 in damages.

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