Could an All-Female MARVEL Movie Happen? KAREN GILLAN Weighs In

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel's first female headliner Captain Marvel still hasn't made her big screen debut and a Black Widow solo film is just getting off the ground, but no one is waiting on either of those films to start discussing the idea of an all-female Marvel movie, an idea first brought up by some of the actresses themselves.

But is that kind of an idea likely to come to pass? Nebula actress Karen Gillan recently weighed in.

“I think that was something that we were just talking about casually,” Gillan told Variety. “We’d all taken this big photo, like a Marvel class photo and all of the women got together afterwards and we were talking and we were like ‘Wouldn’t it be so nice if every day was like this and we were just all around each other,’ and we were like ‘Let’s make it happen!’ And then I think Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson marched up to Kevin Feige and said ‘You need to do this!’ and then we all surrounded him. But that’s the last I heard of it, so who knows?”

Here's the video:

Gillan appears as Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War, now in theaters.

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