Post Game TV Recap: FRINGE S2E3- Fracture

Post Game TV Recaps: FRINGE Season 2 Ep

While keeping an eye out for more abnormal cases, the Fringe division becomes aware of a case involving an explosion, but with no evidence of a bomb.  Agent Dunham and Peter begin to investigate, and with Walter’s help discover that the bomb is actually a person, a police officer who had served two tours of duty in Iraq.

Agent Dunham is still on the slow road to recovery, still walking with a cane and struggling to regain her strength and more importantly, her memory.  As Sam Weiss suggested in the last episode, Dunham finally begins to experience the “headaches.”  Occurring at an opportune time while questioning the deceased officer’s wife, these “headaches” cause Dunham to become physically ill and trigger flashback scenes from her trip to the alternate universe.

The headache leads her to discover the officer’s hidden stash of serum that Walter analyzes and determines is the cause of the creation of the human bomb.  Project Tin Man was where the serum originally came from, beginning in Iraq.  However, the project was supposedly shut down after the adverse affects of the serum were brought to light, recognizing that it caused the human body to crystallize and react to high levels of radio waves, thus creating a “human bomb.”

After a quick trip to Iraq, Dunham and Peter find that Colonel Gordon has continued this project for his own uses.  The Colonel, once captured, tells Agent Broyles about the “enemies” that are among them, collecting information to ultimately destroy the world.  Interestingly, the information collected that was contained in the briefcases that Gordon was after were pictures of none other than Walter Bishop.  An unexpected twist in the storyline, perhaps?  It has been clear that Walter has some of the most extensive knowledge about the alternate universe, so it will be interesting to see what the “enemies” interest is with Walter.

The episode made me question Agent Dunham’s “headaches.”  Were they an isolated event, or will they continue to occur?  I was a little disappointed with the flashback memories that came from the headaches; I suppose with the hype from how Sam Weiss talked about them, I just expected more.  

At least at the end of the episode Dunham’s recovery has progressed to the point that she no longer is using her cane.  It has been a little disconcerting seeing this tough FBI agent out in the field, traveling to Iraq and being placed in dangerous situations, all while hobbling around with a cane.

Walter, Sam Weiss, Agent Dunham, the visitors from the alternate universe…there is definitely more brewing for the next episodes.  Any ideas?

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