Wonder Woman #45
Credit: Emanuela Lupacchino (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Comics

This week's Wonder Woman #45 set the stage for Darkseid's upcoming appearance in Justice League: No Justice, effectively turning the villain into a clean slate, who could, potentially, become some type of hero.

This new development explains how Darkseid might be able to fight alongside Justice League members in the May No Justice mini-series and its spin-off, Justice League Odyssey.

Spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman #45.

With the end of Wonder Woman #45, Darkseid's memories appear to have been erased. So theoretically, if the character has completely forgotten his history as a villain, he could become a hero, right? Or at least someone who fights to save the universe?

It looks that way. But before we start speculating on what happens next month, let's just look at how Darkseid lost his memories and became a puny human-size version of himself in this week's Wonder Woman #45.

Credit: DC Comics

To Review

First, it's important to remember how his storyline in Wonder Woman began. Back in the the "New 52" Justice League's "Darkseid War" storyline, the villain died in a confrontation with the Anti-Monitor.

By the beginning of "Rebirth," however, Darkseid had returned as a baby and was being cared for by his half-Amazon daughter Grail.

Over the last few months of Wonder Woman, Grail started killing the offspring of Zeus (which included Wonder Woman and her brother Jason). The power of the murdered demi-gods was then consumed by baby Darkseid so he could grow up.

Eventually, Grail and Darkseid took down Zeus himself, and Darkseid gained enough power to be his usual, full-grown and villainous self.

Credit: DC Comics

What Just Happened?

In Wonder Woman #45, Jason and Wonder Woman have to stop Darkseid's evil machinations, as the villain is enslaving Amazons and turning them into Parademons. A portal to Themyscira is allowing the Parademons to attack.

Jason has a few heroic moments trying to close the portal (and he bonds with his mom for the first time).

But in the end, it's up to Wonder Woman to stop Darkseid.

And how does Diana even begin to defeat someone like Darkseid?

Credit: Emanuela Lupacchino (DC Comics)

Well, it turns out all those Greek gods whose power Darkseid consumed are still reachable within him. Wonder Woman reaches out to them by talking about her love for them.

As hokey as that might sound, it's accompanied by some well-timed punches by Wonder Woman and some pretty convincing artwork of the "power" of the gods literally escaping Darkseid.

Credit: Emanuela Lupacchino (DC Comics)

As Zeus' power escapes from Darkseid's body, he appears in a ghostlike form. He tells Wonder Woman he is proud of her and Jason.

And as he begins to tell her something else about Jason, he's interrupted.

The interruption? Darkseid is imploding.

(Hmm…wonder what he knows about Jason?)

By the end of the issue, Wonder Woman and Jason are safe, the essence of the Greek gods are free (and will probably re-form somehow, like they always do), and Grail is imprisoned by the Amazons along with Ares.

Darkseid, however, is not actually dead.

On the final page, readers are shown that Darkseid is alive, however he appears to be much smaller than his usual self, missing the familiar armor and crackling skin of evil Darkseid. And he doesn't remember who he is.

He's apparently been reborn. And as the issue ends, he's starting a quest to find some answers.

Wonder Woman returns May 9 with #46, which is also when the weekly Justice League: No Justice miniseries begins.

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