FLASH #45 Delivers New 'Rebirth' Continuity For WALLY WEST... But is That Good? SPOILERS

The Flash #45
Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)
Credit: Barry Kitson (DC Comics)

As the "Flash War" begins to get rolling, as this week's The Flash #45 re-established the previously erased-from-continuity relationship between Wally West and his aunt, Iris.

It also brought back many of Wally West's memories from before the "New 52" erased so much of the character's continuity.

And although that might seem like a good thing to fans who miss the character and his history in the DCU, the overload of memories is apparently behind the confrontation between Barry and Wally in the title's upcoming "Flash War" storyline.

So how did The Flash #45 bring Iris and Wally back together? Let's take a look...

Wally's Iris Mission

As the issue begins, the Speedsters are sprucing up Central City after the battle with Gorilla Grodd. That's a good thing, because Wally West is determined to buy some flowers from a local shop that needs some cleaning up (which the Flash family quickly provides).

Why is Wally buying flowers?

He's on a mission to remind his aunt who he is.

Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)

It's something he's been wanting to do for a while - to reconnect with the woman who's behind him meeting Barry Allen and becoming a speedster.

Speedster Gray Areas

In the meantime, Barry is visiting Meena in prison, where she's forced to wear a power-dampening collar that, conveniently, also keeps the Negative Speed Force from ripping her apart. Although Barry thinks Grodd was controlling Meena (and thus wants her freed from Iron Heights prison), Meena admits that some of the bad stuff she did was actually her own doing.

Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)

Then she tells Barry that she doesn't think he's the right guy to be the Flash.

(Hmmm… is this foreshadowing for "Flash War," perhaps?)

Despite that comment, Barry has something nice for Meena: two more visitors. Young Wally and Avery come running in to visit Meena in prison, and it's a sweet reunion (or perhaps, bittersweet, since she's in prison?).

Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)

Barry stops by to see Kristen, who's ticked off that Godspeed escaped (not knowing that Barry let him out). And the following scene shows that Godspeed is being recruited by someone. The off-screen voice claims that if they work together, Godspeed can solve his brother's murder and become a hero.

(Hmmm…another bit of foreshadowing for "Flash War?")

Avery and young Wally are shown saying their goodbyes, then Kid Flash calls out Damian for spying on him (teasing the Teen Titans Special #1 in June, which will establish a new direction and creative team for the younger Titans).

Back to Wally and Iris….

Next, the issue has a scene with Barry and Iris chatting (and kissing). Now that she's all in-the-know about Barry being the Flash, she wants to be all in-the-know about Barry's life as the Flash. She finds out that he listens to audio books when he runs around as the Flash (which is odd because it must sound like super-slow-mo to him, no?).

Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)

Barry says there's something else he needs to tell her, and he brings Wally into the room.

Wally, with flowers in hand, enters the room. After an awkward exchange that doesn't quite work, Iris suddenly remembers who Wally is.

She looks in Wally's eyes and says, "Don't run, Wally."

Credit: Christian Duce/Luis Guerrero (DC Comics)

Boom! Hello, "Rebirth"!

Iris says she has questions. For example, where is everyone else?

Wally is about to ask what she means when, uh oh…the Speed Force goes into some type of overdrive (with lots of lightning effects) and Wally says he remembers "everything."

He doesn't look happy about it, actually.

But the final page of The Flash #45 shows tons of post-Crisis memories that have been missing from continuity since the "New 52" began. He's remembering. And this is apparently going to be a problem as the book heads into "Flash War."

The story continues May 9 in The Flash #46.

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