CHADWICK BOSEMAN and TOM HOLLAND Reveal Who They'd Want in Their Own AVENGERS Teams

Black Panther and Spider-Man
Credit: Marvel Studios

The Avengers team as movie fans know it is seemingly ending with this week's Avenger: Infinity War, but in comic books the idea of new line-ups - and even spin-off teams - is commonplace. What if the Black Panther or Spider-Man had their own Avengers team - who would be in it?

The actors behind each of those roles have revealed who they would pick, as part of a promotion for the Marvel Contest of Champions mobile game and a new in-game event quest, "Infinity Nightmare." The two were limited by the current playable characters for the game.

For his part, Spider-Man's Tom Holland chose a line-up comprised of Iron Man, Gamora, Star-Lord, Groot... and Spider-Man, of course.

Credit: Kabam

Boseman, whose Black Panther has lead numerous teams in comic book history, has a patriotic line-up of himself, Captain America, War Machine, the Falcon, and Winter Soldier.

Boseman and Holland's curated line-ups will debut in Marvel Contest Champions on May 2 as part of "Infinity Nightmare."


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