LIEFELD Delivers Painterly DEADPOOL 2 Poster Referencing Comic Debut

Deadpool 2
Credit: Rob Liefled/Mike Capprotti (20th Century Fox/Fandango)
New Mutants #98
New Mutants #98
Credit: Marvel Comics

Rob Liefeld and Mike Capprotti have created a new Fandango-exclusive poster for 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2, paying tribute to Liefeld's cover for character's comic book debut in 1991's New Mutants #98.

“The cover to New Mutants #98 has become an iconic image, and it is the comic that introduced Deadpool and Domino to the world," Liefeld told Fandango. "New Mutants #98 has become a key image in the comic book pantheon, so I thought it would be great to pay homage with the movie cast… and I gotta be honest, man - it turned out better than I imagined!”

Credit: Rob Liefled/Mike Capprotti (20th Century Fox/Fandango)

Liefeld pencilled this homage, with Cappriotti acting as painter/colorist. The two have worked together in the past on covers for Deadpool, Youngblood and other titles.

For the first Deadpool movie, Liefeld illustrated a poster for Mondo.
“I brought the world Cable, Deadpool, Domino, and it changed the course of my career. It gave me the career that I've had, and so it was just a pleasure [to pay homage]," said Liefeld. "and now the fact that it's going to be a poster with Fandango! Fandango's a big deal. That’s huge. It’s my pinch-me moment.”

Liefeld's Deadpool 2 poster will be a complimentary gift to those that buy their Deadpool 2 movie tickets through Fandango, while supplies last.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters May 18.

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