Look Who's Joining the FANTASTIC FOUR

Fantastic Four return promo image 2
Credit: Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics)

The recently-announced Fantastic Four relaunch is adding two new members - and it appears to be the Richards' children, Franklin and Valeria, in shadow appearing a little taller/more mature than their most recent appearances (like Marvel Legacy #1). In an interview with series writer Dan Slott and Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski on Marvel.com, a revised-and-expanded cover image by series artist Sara Pichelli adds the two to the group - with Slott promising them and more.

"Of course it’s going to be Reed, Sue, Johnny and the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing! And Franklin! And Val! And Alicia! And who knows?" Slott said. "Maybe Willie Lumpkin and Aunt Petunia, too! Wait and see."

If you look closely at this new image however, you'll see that Valeria and Franklin's suits don't a "4" emblem like the princpal Fantastic Four, but they appear to read "FF". While that could stand for Fantastic Four, it could also mean the Future Foundation.

When asked about Doctor Doom's potential inclusion in Fantastic Four, Slot said Victor will be on "new, familiar footing."

"We will be building on what came before, and from that will come a Doctor Doom who will be far deadlier, misunderstood and incredibly iconic," the writer explained. "You’re going to have to wait and see. But the wait won’t be too long."

Credit: Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics)

In the interview, Cebulski infers that this Fantastic Four relaunch was the top thing he wanted to accomplish when he was made Editor-In-Chief back in November 2017.

"I know how important the characters are to the fans and the company, and bringing them back was the first thing I talked to Tom Brevoort about," Cebulski explained. "They are the heart of the Marvel Universe. They are the First Family, and the fact that they are a family is something everyone can relate to - good and bad. There’s the good times you have with family, and there’s the bad times: the quarreling, not everyone always gets along. Just look at the first-ever FF cover - they weren’t in costume. That’s what Marvel is -it’s not about the super heroes, it’s about the people underneath those costumes, the alter egos. The core of Marvel is that we’re human first and superhuman second."

That being said, Slott explains that the Fantastic Four are super heroes but won't be fighting the common criminal.

"The FF are super heroes. But they’re not about stopping bank robbers or defeating clandestine secret societies. Sure, if a world-eater comes to devour the Earth, or a giant Kirby monster starts stomping through the city, you can count on them to save the day," said Slot. "That said, first and foremost, they’re explorers. They’re out to see new planets, dimensions and universes! They live to push the boundaries of both science and the imagination! More importantly, they live to do that together, as a family."

Fantastic Four #1 is scheduled to be released August 1.

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