SPIELBERG Interested In BLACKHAWK Since 1980s According to MARV WOLFMAN

Blackhawk #251
Credit: Dave Cockrum (DC Comics)
Credit: Reed Crandall (DC Comics)

Apparently, Steven Spielberg's interest in DC Comics' Blackhawks has been brewing for almost 40 years - as Marv Wolfman just tweeted out an interesting aside to the Spielberg/Blackhawk movie announcement.

"Spielberg was interested in doing Blackhawk back in 1980," Wolfman tweeted. "It’s why we brought back the book then. Remember he did the War Wheel in the 1941 RollerCoaster scene."

The scene he's referring to in 1979's 1941 is that of a Ferris Wheel being used as a sniper's nest, then later dislodging and rolling down a pier into the ocean.

In Blackhawk comics, the War Wheel was a Nazi war machine shaped like - you guessed it - a giant wheel, which rolled over enemy forces.

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