Spider-Gwen #34
Credit: Robbi Rodriguez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Robbi Rodriguez (Marvel Comics)

Spider-Gwen series writer/creator Jason Latour has confirmed that his run with artist Robbi Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi ends with July's #34.

"Spider-Gwen #34 solicits, "Latour tweeted, linking to Diamond's posting of a Spider-Gwen press release. "41 comics later, our run ends in the rarest of ways--- as we always intended it to. #spidergwenu"

“All I can say is it's been an incredible journey,” Latour is quoted as saying in the linked press release. “A little itch in the back of our minds became a one shot that lasted 41 issues as of issue #34, spanned across nearly every form of media, and inspired countless cosplayers and artists. Gwen Stacy changed our lives forever – and now she gives us one last gift – the chance to wrap her story up the way we always intended.”

Marvel has not signalled if the Spider-Gwen series would continue after Latour and Rodriguez's run, however the character - renamed Ghost Spider - is scheduled to appear in both the Marvel Rising animated series and comic book.

Spider-Gwen #34 is scheduled to go on-sale July 18.

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