RYAN REYNOLDS' DEADPOOL Banned From MARVEL Comics According to Long-Time Artist

Deadpool poster
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: Reilly Brown (Marvel Comics)

20th Century Fox's Deadpool was based on Marvel Comics' character of the same name, but according to a long-time Deadpool comics artist that version of the character isn't allowed back in comic books.

'Someone asked if I’d ever drawn Deadpool in his movie costume, and I actually did once, for an issue of [Spider-Man/Deadpool]," said artist Reilly Brown on Instagram. "In this story, Wade got a part in a Deadpool movie playing as the stunt double. For the scenes on set, I thought it would be fun if he wore the actual movie costume, so that’s what I drew."

"I didn’t think anyone would notice or care, since the difference is just a couple of straps and some knee pads. But they did notice, and made me change it back to his typical character design, because the lawyers wouldn’t allow them to use the movie costume for some reason!" Brown continued. "So weird. So I had to redraw that Deadpool in all those scenes."

Brown also explains how he was restricted from using Deadpool (or Spider-Man) in an advertisement for a unspecified outside company.

"I was going to draw Deadpool, but it turned out they weren’t allowed to use him for the ad, so we figured Spidey would be safe, and I did a drawing of him. Turned out, they weren’t allowed to use Spidey either!" Brown explained. "So I had to do it again. This time I used Iron Man, and there was a long conversation and lots of phone calls before we figured out which Iron Man costumes would be safe for me to draw! The moral of the story: study your licensing deals!"

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