Word Balloon: The BENDIS TAPES Pt 2

Brian Michael Bendis

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On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, The Bendis Tapes Fall 2009 part 2 wraps up our marathon talk with writer Brian Michael Bendis, who answers more questions from the Jinxworld Message Board. Here are some tidbits from the Q & A session.

More discussion about the transition from Doctor Strange to Doctor Voodoo as the Sorcerror Supreme is within.

Daredevil is featured front and center in New Avengers #60.

Next year, Bendis teased, he will again work with artist Howard Chaykin.

There's a new Ultimate Universe project coming in 2010.

You'll hear character discussions about DD, Wilson Fisk, and Norman Osborn. Brian looks back at past events like Avengers Disassembled, and the current Dark Reign .

Plus, Bendis discusses some of his favorite meetings with Stan Lee, including his lunch with Lee last month, in which "The Man" asked  Brian "How did Norman Osborn get here?"  Bendis said, " In preperation of the lunch, Stan read a few of my books, and he came prepared with a specific question and I had better have had the right answer... and I think I did, because I got an got an 'OK Kid.' I had the feeling if I had answered wrong, we probably wouldn't have finished the lunch."

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