AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Co-Director Sees SECRET WARS Looming If DISNEY/FOX Buyout Goes Through

Secret Wars #5
Credit: Bob Layton (Marvel Comics)

Avengers: Infinity War comes out in less than three weeks, but co-director Anthony Russo sees another war on the horizon if the Walt Disney Company's planned buyout of 21st Century Fox goes through.

That's right: Secret Wars.

"If Disney's takeover of Fox is completed, it's a lot more characters to work with at once," Russo told French-language news outlet Lint@ute (and translated by Newsarama.) "It might be interesting to see something like Secret Wars ... "

Disney CEO Bob Iger has publicly said the proposed buyout could take two years, but keep in mind Marvel Studios has already reserved release dates for unnamed movies through 2022.

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