MOORE, REPPION & THOMPSON Conspire With Ravens For New Dark Horse OGN

Conspiracy of Ravens
Credit: Sally Jane Thompson (Dark Horse Comics)
Credit: Sally Jane Thompson (Dark Horse Comics)

Long-time collaborators Leah Moore and John Reppion are working with artist Sally Jane Thompson on a new fantasy OGN titled Conspiracy of Ravens. Scheduled to debut this October from Dark Horse Comics, Conspiracy of Ravens mixes magic, family secrets, and legacy in a story about a young girl nammed Anne.

"Anne is a teen schoolgirl who thought she was just like everyone else. But when she unexpectedly inherits her long-lost aunt’s crumbling English mansion and a strange ancient locket, she unearths a family secret that leads to the discovery of her mysterious powers," reads Dark Horse's description of the OGN. "She picks up the mantle of her family’s magical legacy, but soon learns that she isn’t the only one whose powers are awakening, and not everyone wants to use their powers for good."

The 136-page OGN is scheduled to go on-sale October 3.

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