10 Answers with DC's DAN DIDIO: A Call For Questions

Dan Didio

Missed a previous edition of 10 Answers (or 20 before that)? Need question ideas or want to dig up one that may have been passed by? We have an all-new Dan Didio Topic Page for you that holds all the previous editions and any other articles featuring the DCU Executive Editor, which you can find by clicking the link.

It's that time again, and it's here quicker than ever before.

On Monday, DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio answered 10 of your questions in our "10 Answers and a Question" feature. Because our discussions with Dan are now weekly, it's time again to list your questions below.

Some ideas on how to get your question answered:

- Stick to the things Dan can answer. He's not going to spoil the end of Blackest Night, and no digital, television, archive collection or movie questions are even going to make it. He's only going to talk about the content of DCU comics or the creative teams involved.

- Phrase your question in a way that will get him talking, and avoid using the space to just vent your feelings. If you ask why he hasn't canceled the "disastrous" Comic X and tied the creative team to a tree, chances are you will never hear his take on that comic. But if you ask about what the future holds for Comic X and its characters, there's a much greater possibility you'll get some real information.

- Take a look at our recent discussions with Dan. Sometimes the questions you're adamantly asking have been recently addressed, and in some cases, more than once.

- Be creative and have fun. Dan enjoys talking to fans at conventions and getting their feedback, and this is just one more way he can reach out and discuss DC comics with the people who read them. Besides, the more fun he's having answering your question, the more likely he is to keep talking. And that's good for all of us.

We'll be taking questions from this thread through tomorrow morning, and we'll be back early next week with his answers. So ask away below.

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