QUINCREDIBLE Joins CATALYST PRIME Line as LION FORGE Changes Editorial Leadership

Credit: Selina Espiritu/Michael Wong (Lion Forge)
Credit: Selina Espiritu/Michael Wong (Lion Forge)

Lion Forge co-founders Carl Reed and David Steward II have stepped in as Editorial Directors for the company's Catalyst Prime line of titles, and hav announced a new title, Quincredible.

“Our goal is to show greater differentiation in creative and style among all the titles, as well as adding new series focused on Young Adult and Middle Grade readership,” said Steward. “Catalyst Prime came about as part of our promise to produce ‘Comics for Everyone,’ and we want to publish books that cover all genres with inclusive representation across these titles. I think readers still want more unique stories from diverse points of view, and while the market may seem saturated with Marvel and DC, we feel there is room to create something authentic and different.”

Quincredible by writer Mildred Louis and artists Selina Espiritu and Michael Wong, is scheduled to debut in August.

“For as long as I can remember, superheroes have been told from the perspective of Marvel or DC,” says Reed. “I am particularly excited about bringing the Catalyst Prime Universe to our YA imprint and our children’s imprints. The sandbox is expanding, and I am thrilled to be able to explore different approaches to the superhero genre. We seek to tell larger-than-life stories in a new and different way, and we have serious plans for the company and our impact on the industry.”

Joe Illidge, who acted as Lion Forge's Senior Editor and showrunner of the Catalyst Prime titles, recently left for a position at Valiant Entertainment.

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