Tony Gilroy Reveals ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Was in 'So Much Terrible, Terrible Trouble'

Still from 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'
Credit: Lucasfilm

2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story underwent major reshoots ahead of its release - a normal procedure for a blockbuster film. However, rumors of deeper production difficulties that necessitated the reshoots plagued the film in the lead-up to its release.

Now, over a year later, screenwriter Tony Gilroy, who was brought in to rework the film, has revealed the extent of his involvement in the film's final cut - including overseeing the reshoots, taking over post-production, and changing the film's ending, according to the screenwriter.

"If you look at [Rogue One], all the difficulty with Rogue, all the confusion of it … and all the mess, and in the end when you get in there, it's actually very, very simple to solve," Gilroy said on the podcast The Moment with Brian Koppelman (via The Hollywood Reporter). "Because you sort of go, this is a movie where, 'folks, just look. Everyone is going to die.' So it's a movie about sacrifice."

Gilroy believes that it was his disconnect from the Star Wars mythos that helped bring the production back in line.

"I've never been interested in Star Wars, ever. So I had no reverence for it whatsoever. I was unafraid about that," he explained. "And they were in such a swamp … they were in so much terrible, terrible trouble that all you could do was improve their position."

Still, Gilroy has no plans to make another Star Wars film.

"It doesn't appeal to me," he said of making another Star Wars film. "But I don't think [Rogue One] really is a Star Wars movie in many ways. To me, it's a Battle of Britain movie."

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