THE BATMAN Won't be About JASON TODD's Death - Report

Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman
Credit: Warner Bros.

Following rumors that director Matt Reeves' The Batman would deal with the death of Robin Jason Todd (an event heavily implied in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), a so-called insider with knowledge of the production has shut down those rumors, according to TheWrap.

The unnamed source simply told the Hollywood trade "Nope," in regards to the Jason Todd rumor.

The Batman was originally going to be directed by Ben Affleck based on a script by him and Geoff Johns, though when Reeves took over as director, he scrapped their story which would have featured Joe Mangianello as the villain Deathstroke. Reeves has not made his planned storyline public. Mangianello did, however, make a surprise appearance as Deathstroke (along with Jesse Einsenberg's Lex Luthor) in a credit teaser in last year's Justice League

No projected release date for The Batman has been announced.

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