LEGION Season 2 Adds JON HAMM in Mysterious Role

Jon Hamm
Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com

Jon Hamm is looking for comic book where he can get it. The actor, who has openly courted the role of Warner Bros.' Batman, has joined the cast of FX's Legion.

According to showrunner Noah Hawley, Hamm will lend his voice to what Hawley calls "educational segments" that relate to elements of the show's plot and appear throughout the season. Hamm's role will be entirely offscreen, according to Hawley.

“In the first script I wrote this sequence in which a narrator talks about a delusion being like any other idea, like an egg, and on screen you see these two eggs, and one of them hatches, and it’s a healthy idea so it’s just a little baby chick, and then the second idea hatches and it’s something more corrupted and monstrous,” Hawley explained to The Wrap. “And that felt like a way to really visualize something that might be more conceptual. And so those kinds of sequences just started finding their way into many of the episodes.”

It's worth noting that Hamm was reportedly cast as Mister Sinister in 20th Century Fox's New Mutants before he left the film due to reshoots, though it is unclear whether Hamm's Legion role would have had any connection to that film.

Legion airs Tuesday nights on FX. 

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